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How We Work Together

If you find terms like NASDAQ, mutual funds, leverage or rate of return confusing, you are not alone. You want someone with the skills, knowledge, and passion to identify and implement the appropriate financial investment strategies to help you pursue your long-term financial goals.

I partner with you and your professional advisors – CPA’s, insurance brokers, coaches and attorneys – to work as a team for your benefit. Your very own dream team. I will help you align your goals with your investments, match your risk tolerance to your portfolio and use tax-wise strategies that are well diversified. We will strategize at regular intervals to track against your long-term plan. For many people, our partnership provides confidence.

Financial Planning & Investment Management: 

It’s funny how we start talking about money, but end up talking about every aspect of life. The two are indelibly intertwined. We simply can’t go through a life transition without involving our finances. Weddings, divorces, babies, college, employment, death… each event has tremendous financial implications. They’re also fraught with emotions. It’s essential to have a trusted advisor who can see through the fog, understand your needs and make sure you’re asking the right questions.

How does it work? 

We work together “side by each” as my dearest aunt would say. We gather all of the important information at the outset, review it together and create an initial plan. We then review the plan at least annually - depending on your needs - and adjust accordingly. Most often, planning works alongside investment management as the two go hand-in-hand. What you hold in your investment portfolio has a significant impact on what to expect from it. It’s best when one hand knows what the other hand is doing. Consolidating your finances with one advisor ensures that you’re properly diversified, hold the appropriate amount of risk and that changes can be made on your behalf when they’re needed. 

As your financial advisor, I will monitor, evaluate and adjust your portfolio as needed so that you can focus on the things you enjoy. In accordance with my fiduciary duty, your best interest always comes first.


Comprehensive consulting and financial planning services are available. An estimated number of hours will be recommended at the initial meeting, depending on the level of complexity of your situation.

Financial Planning:

Retirement Planning

Education Planning

Tax Planning (with your CPA)

Divorce Planning & Consultation

Charitable Giving

Financial Consulting:

Wealth Accumulation Strategies

Investment and/or Retirement Account Review

Risk Management Insurance Review

Cashflow Analysis & Budgeting

Social Security Analysis

For more information about our firm and the services offered, send a quick email or call the office. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you. | (505) 289-0616