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Life Transitions

If you are anticipating, experiencing or planning for a life transition, let’s talk.

Transitions, or milestones, are often times of uncertainty. It can be scary too. Sometimes it’s sudden. Sometimes it’s planned. Regardless – even if it’s a positive step - change is hard. It’s much like the trapeze artist. They have to let go of one bar to grab hold of the next, but the in-between can be terrifying. It helps to have a net beneath you. The net is your team of trusted professionals.

There are countless life transitions, but here are the ones that we see most often:

Death: Losing a loved one is difficult on its own but managing the financial implications in the thick fog of grief can feel impossible. I can help you navigate the next steps.

Divorce: It has become more common for women to initiate divorce after 50 years old. Regardless of your age, shifting from a dual-income to a single-income household is a significant change. Financial planning at the forefront can make a long-term difference.

Illness: It is common for one spouse to manage the finances. In the event of an illness, a sudden change in responsibility can leave you stressed and clueless about how to proceed.

Sudden wealth: Whether you received an inheritance or perhaps a lawsuit settled in your favor, sudden wealth can be a game changer. You probably have a lot of questions such as, “What are the tax implications?” or “How do I make the money last?” We can create a strategy to address your questions and ensure the plan aligns with your goals.

Having a strong team of experienced professionals in your corner is essential on a normal day, but in the midst of an important life transition, it’s crucial. If you are in the midst of – or approaching – one of life’s many transitions, I can help.

I have the experience and empathy to make a challenging period in your life a lot more manageable. Don’t go it alone.

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