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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 15, 2024

The third Monday of January is Martin Luther King Jr. Day; a day to honor and remember the courage, vision, and achievements of one of the greatest Americans. We have indeed come a long way thanks to Dr. King and the movement he led, and we can reflect on his remarkable legacy on this day of unity.


The legacy of Dr. King means many things to each American. As we look around today, we see manifestations of that legacy in the form of stronger, more diverse communities, in the continued fight for equality, and in the opportunities and relationships that connect those who were once kept separate.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day honors Dr. King’s life, his dream, and the values he urged our nation to uphold: racial and social justice, peace, and community. While we have come far, there is much more to be done.


This is a day of remembrance for both the man and his work. It’s also a day of service, in which we use a day away from work or school to work on a project that enhances our community, bringing people together. We also observe the day by heeding the call of Dr. King and acknowledging that his great work must be taken up by each American – the work of equality.


However you observe the day, may Dr. King’s enduring dream continue to uplift and transform our lived experience to bring unity and healing to our great nation.


Please join me in honoring the legacy of this great American.